Since starting this site I have been very fortunate to have had many visitors. The images on display belong to me and therefore I can view them at any time, so the purpose of the site is to make these images available for you the visitor. The nature of collecting images not taken by yourself means that you have to accept the details provided with them. Sometimes these details are not correct and on many occasions there are no details at all. I attempt to research each image with missing info to at least identify the content and if I can, location. However my success in finding missing info will never be able to match information from people who may be local to a scene or have experience or knowledge of it.

Many people have obviously spent a lot of time identifying locations and events, even actual dates in relation to missing or unknown details of many images on this site. Many have offered corrections to erroneous info. The result of this means that the information preserved with the image is more accurate and informative. I will always welcome the comments and information which comes from you, the like minded steam enthusiast.

This site is for you and in no small way, by you.

Thank you for your continuing contributions and support.