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This gallery contains images of pre-grouping designs.
LMS (LYR) 3P 2-4-2T No 10912 in 1930s'.GCR Robinson J11 0-6-0 No 64280.LMS (LYR Barton Wright class 25) 2F 0-6-0 no 12046 taken in the 1930s'.LMS (Aspinal Hughes class 6) 3P 2-4-2T no 10903 taken in the 1930s'.LMS (LYR Aspinal-Hughes class 6) 3P 2-4-2T no 10925 at Low Moor in May 1948.LMS (LYR Aspinal class 27) 3F 0-6-0 no 12456 at unknown location 1930s'.LNWR G2A class 0-8-0 no 9282 at Bescot October 1947.NBR Reid J37 0-6-0 no 64626 seen here at an unknown location in the late 1950s'.NBR Holmes J36 0-6-0 no 65345 at an unknown location in the late 1950s'.LSWR Drummond T9 4-4-0 no 120 (BR 30120) on shed at Eastleigh in LSWR Livery.NER Tennant Class E5 2-4-0 no 1463.SR (SECR) Wainwright L class 4-4-0 no 31780LNWR G2A 0-8-0 no 9061 (LMS 7F)LYR Aspinal class 27 (3F) no 52529NER Raven 2-cylinder Q6 0-8-0 no 63371SECR Wainwright D class 4-4-0 no 31737LSWR Drummond 700 class 0-6-0 no 30339SECR Wainwright class C 0-6-0 no 31191Midland Railway Johnson class 25 4-2-2 no 610GNR Gresley 1470 class (later A1) 4-6-2 prototype no 1470 'Great Northern'

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