Further Info on Caledonian Drummond 4-2-2 no 123

Built by Neilson & Co in 1886 for the Edinburgh exhibition of 1886, where it won a gold medal, this locomotive was the sole example of its type and was later purchased by the Caledonian Rly.

The only single wheeler to run on Scottish lines, this loco took part in the 1888 'Race to Scotland' between the competing East coast v West coast companies. Following the Great War it was tasked with hauling the directors saloon, reverting to normal duties in 1930. It became the final example of a single wheeler to operate anywhere in the UK.

The LMS withdrew the loco in 1935 and repainted it in Caledonian Rly Blue livery for preservation in St. Rollox Works. However this was not the end.

The loco got a new lease of life when in 1958 it was given a full overhaul and returned to traffic working 'enthusiasts' special tours' which saw it travel the length of the country. It was finally withdrawn in 1965 and became the Glasgow Museum of Transports prize exhibit. It is now held in Glasgows new museum, Riverside Museum : Scotlands Museum of Transport and Travel.