Useful Links for Steam Enthusiasts

  1.  This is a very useful site for keeping up to date on what tours are running and with which traction. The Tours Programme list details all of the known tours, dates, locomotive pool etc and each tour also list the operating company and provides a link to that company. As you get closer to the date ot the tour, the site is updated with times and any changes to the planned route or traction.
  2. Another very useful site for enthusiasts and researchers alike, this site has detailed information on our railways both past and present. Search for loco builder, build date, withdrawn date etc. Details far too numerous to mention here. If its out there, then there is a good chance that its in here 

  3. A superbly detailed and informative site hosting a mine of information on the history of this depot and its people. Too much information to describe here. Well worth a visit or two !

  4. This is yet another great site which, among many other things, conveys a record of railtours through the steam era and where possible lists detailed accounts of individual tours, traction, stops/routing etc. Another site well worth a visit.