As you can see, I am a keen enthusiast of Steam locomotives. I recently started a collection of original negatives with the aim of preserving them as an archive of the British steam era. Keen enthusiasts of the time are now, sadly, passing away. Their families are inheriting their photographs and negatives and fortunately for us all, some people are recognizing their importance and offering them for sale. The quality varies and details are often not recorded but ALL should be preserved. It is my aim to continually add to this archive and to make the collection available for all to see through this website.
I welcome any questions that you may have regarding this site or its content and I hope that you find the site to be of interest to you.
If you are interested in Railway Preservation, especially that of steam, or if you like photography in general then please visit my main site at There you will find many images taken by myself of steam in operation either at preserved lines or on the mainline hauling some of the many railtours which are helping to preserve this valuable heritage for generations to come.